The Hidden 2 (1993) – 2 Non Critics

What can you say when talking about a direct to video sequel of a B-Movie that not many people remember?

A hell of a lot apparently.

Non critics Will and Dustin close the book on The Hidden saga(?) by getting deep into the guts of a film from Will’s childhood.

Does it hold up with his nostalgic memories? The Answer is “hidden” within.



Children Of Dune (2003) 2 Non Critics

Last week a sudden illness kept me down for a few days. Today, 2 Non Critics is back in full form!

Non Critic Will and Dustin complete the Syfy Channel Dune Mini-series saga with the 2003 adaptation of Dune Messiah and Children of Dune.

With a look ahead at what’s to come.

’90s Sci-Fi Fiend

One of my many proposed projects has been one called Wannabe Trekker, where I watch one episode of Star Trek: Voyager every week and do a Vlog about it. After my first video went south due to some poor audio, I spent a lot of time rethinking the concept.

Part of the reason for going with Voyager was because it began in the ’90s and I have a special fondness for the science-fiction of that decade. Much of it wasn’t very good. Yet there was a warmth to it, and the sense that at least someone out there was trying, which I deeply identify with.

The more I got to thinking about covering sci-fi of the decade, the more excited I got. There was a lot more of it than you might think. I decided it might be fun to figure out which shows would be worth revisiting, maybe lay out a game plan, then give it a shot.

My initial thought is to avoid the ’90s big guns. No X-Files. No Trek. No Stargate. Maybe Outer Limits. Reason being that there is no shortage of content out there covering those shows. Earth 2  and Seaquest however…that opens possibilities.

Also out would be animation. Not that I don’t like animation, but I’m going for shows that have that warmth I mentioned.

I’m not sure if these would be daily videos, or just filler, but it should be fun.

Frank Herbert’s Dune (2000) – 2 Non Critics

Before the SyFy Channel started to rely on garbage like Sharknado and Ghost Hunters, they took a big risk with the massive adaptation of Frank Herbert’s epic novel Dune.

The 2 Non Critics have a long discussion about the nature of heroes, science-fiction, and storytelling.