Girl Meets World Trailer Reaction – Reggie Retro

Reggie has always been me without cynicism. He loves what I love. But where I have doubts, he has none.

Other than him explaining the profound effect Boy Meets World had on him, this reaction is nothing at all like mine. While it truly was nice to see Cory and Topanga again, I’m still concerned with how this series will turn out.

Still, it was nice to pop on Reggie’s glasses and just gush for 2 minutes. This is more of an experiment. I’d like to see what happens when Mr. Retro comments on what’s happening in current media. It may become a regular thing, I’m not sure.


LEGEND (1985) – Reggie Retro.

To the casual viewer this recent installment of Reggie Retro will appear as average. The picture quality is nothing special. There’s glitches. And the first half is a lot slower than the second. So I’d understand if they pass it by without note.

But to me, it is a personal triumph. There is a lot here that I’ve been meaning to achieve in the Reggie videos. Quick editing. Narrative flow. History. A Review. Clips from the movie. And a strange ending.

I’m immensely proud of it. With each new installment I take another step forward. Stick around to see where I step to next.



Goosebumps – Reggie Retro

It’s been over ten years since my last short film. Sure I’ve made quick videos since then. Nothing with a clear beginning, middle, and end however.

While it is no masterpiece, and it doesn’t even come close to guys like James Rolfe or Doug Walker, my latest episode of Reggie Retro makes me swell with pride.

It does everything I want it to, and effectively. Shooting it was fun. Editing it was an education. And watching it has been rewarding. I hope anyone reading this takes six minutes to watch and enjoy.

Goosebumps Deleted Scene : Reggie Retro

This episode has been a long time coming. I have the stupid habit of scripting out my videos in my head instead of on paper, and making up a lot more on the day. This frees me up as a performer and editor because I can see what is and isn’t working while creating. A fun process, just not a very productive one. So the Goosebumps episode has been swimming around in my brain for about a month, and I’m only now getting to it.

Unlike previous Reggie Retro videos, this one has a small plot. In favor of keeping this barely there plot moving I had to cut a minute long scene where Reggie remissness about his favorite Goosebumps memory from childhood. Cutting it hurt so much (because it’s a true story) that I just HAD to release it somehow.

Here it is as a special deleted scene. Released days before the damn video is finished.



Reggie Retro Special Edition

Illness beat the living hell out of me since Saturday. Still feeling pretty weak but strong enough to update a little something.

To make up for the lack on content, I decided to exploit the new camera I purchased and have Reggie Retro show it off to the world.

He unboxes his new Sony Handycam HDR-CX220 with rejoicing and condemnation from older sister Rita.


We Do This Daily


To get really good at something you have to do it every day. This is one of hundreds of reasons I failed as a writer. Zero self-discipline. The legendary Alan Moore once said that you have to treat writing like your deity, and if you don’t worship it every day it will punish you.

Videos and film is where I learned storytelling. Trying to convert that into strictly the written word was like trying to change my hair color through the power of positive thinking. Wasn’t going to happen.

Now that I find myself driven to produce content on the regular, in a medium I am fluent in, the possibility of doing it every day is becoming a reality.

At the moment I do two episodes of 2 Non Critics a week and one Reggie Retro video. I’m looking to bump that up. The nature of my quick and dirty approach means I have much more time to create. It would be nice to do multiple videos a day, but I have a real job to worry about.

However, one video a day is well within the realm of possibility. There are four more days in the week, and I have three more videos planned.

One will be short clips of Rita Rosenbaum, the sister of my Reggie Retro character. She works best in quick snippets and would make for some hilarious scenes. Another series similar to 2 Non Critics about music. Also, a review series on Star Trek: Voyager called Wannabe Trekker.

I hope my deity is pleased…

With all this stuff going on, guess I’d better learn how to promote myself.

Reggie Retro – Gremlins Novelization

It took him a year, but Reggie Retro has finally made his first video!

While nothing like my original intention for these videos, I still like it a lot. I’m proud of it actually. Reggie feels like a complete character with a full life beyond the video.

Which is more than I can say for many of my characters (and most in Hollywood).

Everything with Orange Retro Productions is about putting it all out there, setting the foundation and seeing where it takes you. The process might be slow – but the reward will be so gratifying.

Help Reggie build his Nostalgianarium.

More To Come (or, The Reg Man Cometh)

Of course it’s 5am and I can’t sleep. That’s how I roll. Could be because of my insomnia, or maybe it’s because later tonight I plan on finally doing a Reggie Retro video.

For a little over a year now, I’ve been obsessed with this silly character. A lover of the nostalgia that brought him up as a child, desperate to find a way back to those times. In a lot of ways he’s the truest character I’ve ever created. Which is why it’s taken so long to do something with him.

Originally I conceived of a pretty grand mythos for Mr. Retro. Each video was intended to be a fully produced episode. Similar to the ones from The Angry Video Game Nerd and The Nostalgia Critic, who played a big part in his inspiration. The major difference being that Reggie LOVES the things he’s talking about. Also, each episode would be part of a whole, leading up to a massive conclusion.

Some day I hope to get to a point where telling the saga of his life can be possible. For now the concept has been too daunting.

Like everything else with Orange Retro, I’ve decided to build slowly. No need to go out with guns blazing yet. Why not make a bunch of raw and rough videos, introduce his world, and naturally progress into playing around in it?

After watching a TON of the Cowabunga Corner videos by TMNT super fan Michele Ivey, and really identifying with her earnest passion for her topic, with a direct and simple production, I was motivated to just go ahead and do it.

Perhaps no one but those close to me will see it. That’s fine. Being Reggie and putting him out there is all that matters.


Reggie Retro