The Hidden 2 (1993) – 2 Non Critics

What can you say when talking about a direct to video sequel of a B-Movie that not many people remember?

A hell of a lot apparently.

Non critics Will and Dustin close the book on The Hidden saga(?) by getting deep into the guts of a film from Will’s childhood.

Does it hold up with his nostalgic memories? The Answer is “hidden” within.



We Do This Daily


To get really good at something you have to do it every day. This is one of hundreds of reasons I failed as a writer. Zero self-discipline. The legendary Alan Moore once said that you have to treat writing like your deity, and if you don’t worship it every day it will punish you.

Videos and film is where I learned storytelling. Trying to convert that into strictly the written word was like trying to change my hair color through the power of positive thinking. Wasn’t going to happen.

Now that I find myself driven to produce content on the regular, in a medium I am fluent in, the possibility of doing it every day is becoming a reality.

At the moment I do two episodes of 2 Non Critics a week and one Reggie Retro video. I’m looking to bump that up. The nature of my quick and dirty approach means I have much more time to create. It would be nice to do multiple videos a day, but I have a real job to worry about.

However, one video a day is well within the realm of possibility. There are four more days in the week, and I have three more videos planned.

One will be short clips of Rita Rosenbaum, the sister of my Reggie Retro character. She works best in quick snippets and would make for some hilarious scenes. Another series similar to 2 Non Critics about music. Also, a review series on Star Trek: Voyager called Wannabe Trekker.

I hope my deity is pleased…

With all this stuff going on, guess I’d better learn how to promote myself.

2 Non Critics – Oldboy (2003)

Chances are you’ve either heard of seen or heard of the 2003 cult classic Oldboy. It’s a film that certainly elicits a powerful reaction from viewers. The same is true with Non Critic Will and Non Critic Dustin.

Hear from the point of view from someone who went into the film totally blind and someone else who knew far too much. One of the most lively discussions these two lifelong friends, and movie buffs, have had to date!

Bonus quick review of the recent remake.


2 Non Critics – The Room (2003)

It’s here! 2 Non Critics premiers with a discussion about 2003’s The Room.

Countless Bloggers and Vloggers have bashed this movie so hard over the years. Now it’s time to take another, perhaps more respectful look at the Best Damn Bad Movie around! (I do call it a sparkling ball of yarn covered in shit – but I do so lovingly.)

Our first go at this was rough but you gotta start somewhere.