Girl Meets World Trailer Reaction – Reggie Retro

Reggie has always been me without cynicism. He loves what I love. But where I have doubts, he has none.

Other than him explaining the profound effect Boy Meets World had on him, this reaction is nothing at all like mine. While it truly was nice to see Cory and Topanga again, I’m still concerned with how this series will turn out.

Still, it was nice to pop on Reggie’s glasses and just gush for 2 minutes. This is more of an experiment. I’d like to see what happens when Mr. Retro comments on what’s happening in current media. It may become a regular thing, I’m not sure.


American Movie (1999) – 2 Non Critics

The 2 Non Critics enter the documentary realm by discussing the 1999 gem, and cult classic, American Movie, directed by Chris Smith.

Mark Borchardt is a truly independent filmmaker who inspires those closest to him to invest their time, and money, in helping him achieve his ultimate dream.

As an independent myself I 100% identify with Mr. Borchardt and am truly fascinated by his determination to finish his film. Does Non Critic Will feel the same way? Check it out, man.

Goosebumps – Reggie Retro

It’s been over ten years since my last short film. Sure I’ve made quick videos since then. Nothing with a clear beginning, middle, and end however.

While it is no masterpiece, and it doesn’t even come close to guys like James Rolfe or Doug Walker, my latest episode of Reggie Retro makes me swell with pride.

It does everything I want it to, and effectively. Shooting it was fun. Editing it was an education. And watching it has been rewarding. I hope anyone reading this takes six minutes to watch and enjoy.

The Hidden 2 (1993) – 2 Non Critics

What can you say when talking about a direct to video sequel of a B-Movie that not many people remember?

A hell of a lot apparently.

Non critics Will and Dustin close the book on The Hidden saga(?) by getting deep into the guts of a film from Will’s childhood.

Does it hold up with his nostalgic memories? The Answer is “hidden” within.


Goosebumps Deleted Scene : Reggie Retro

This episode has been a long time coming. I have the stupid habit of scripting out my videos in my head instead of on paper, and making up a lot more on the day. This frees me up as a performer and editor because I can see what is and isn’t working while creating. A fun process, just not a very productive one. So the Goosebumps episode has been swimming around in my brain for about a month, and I’m only now getting to it.

Unlike previous Reggie Retro videos, this one has a small plot. In favor of keeping this barely there plot moving I had to cut a minute long scene where Reggie remissness about his favorite Goosebumps memory from childhood. Cutting it hurt so much (because it’s a true story) that I just HAD to release it somehow.

Here it is as a special deleted scene. Released days before the damn video is finished.



’90s Sci-Fi Fiend

One of my many proposed projects has been one called Wannabe Trekker, where I watch one episode of Star Trek: Voyager every week and do a Vlog about it. After my first video went south due to some poor audio, I spent a lot of time rethinking the concept.

Part of the reason for going with Voyager was because it began in the ’90s and I have a special fondness for the science-fiction of that decade. Much of it wasn’t very good. Yet there was a warmth to it, and the sense that at least someone out there was trying, which I deeply identify with.

The more I got to thinking about covering sci-fi of the decade, the more excited I got. There was a lot more of it than you might think. I decided it might be fun to figure out which shows would be worth revisiting, maybe lay out a game plan, then give it a shot.

My initial thought is to avoid the ’90s big guns. No X-Files. No Trek. No Stargate. Maybe Outer Limits. Reason being that there is no shortage of content out there covering those shows. Earth 2  and Seaquest however…that opens possibilities.

Also out would be animation. Not that I don’t like animation, but I’m going for shows that have that warmth I mentioned.

I’m not sure if these would be daily videos, or just filler, but it should be fun.