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2 Non Critics – The Room (2003)

It’s here! 2 Non Critics premiers with a discussion about 2003’s The Room.

Countless Bloggers and Vloggers have bashed this movie so hard over the years. Now it’s time to take another, perhaps more respectful look at the Best Damn Bad Movie around! (I do call it a sparkling ball of yarn covered in shit – but I do so lovingly.)

Our first go at this was rough but you gotta start somewhere.



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An experiment by a failed writer wishing to connect with his first passion: film and video. This is the space where he and his few collaborators can chase whimsy and share it with anyone with the time.

One response to “2 Non Critics – The Room (2003)

  1. BÏGð ⋅

    “Sparkling ball if yarn covered in shit”…exactly, but still memorable…the characters, the quotes from it, the rediculous soft core porn scenes, the horrible acting (purposely or not)…good start tho to the series

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